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We can all
appreciate the humble ceiling fan on a hot day, particularly when it's coupled with a cold glass of lemonade. But the same
fan that cuts summer electric bills by as much as 40% can also help out in the winter.

Fans today are made with a little switch that changes blade rotation. Counterclockwise produces that pleasant summer breeze we crave. Clockwise makes an updraft that sends the warmer air pooled near the ceiling back into the living space — cutting heating costs by as much as 10%.



We will beat any price for the same product.


Your home is your sanctuary. A place to relax and gather your thoughts. At one time it was a place to protect us from the elements and from bad guys. Now it's our home base to connect to the world with our computers and a safe haven for our children. More people are home schooling than ever before and we relay on our home for a comfortable environment to be entertained with our home theaters and gaming technology. With our home becoming more and more of a place to hang out in we want only the best to make us feel as comfortable as possible. One of the least expensive and most productive ways to do this is a ceiling fan. Even though the ceiling fan has been around for decades it is only recently become a focal point of energy efficiency with its low energy costs and high comfort levels. If you live on the east coast to the west coast, you can't help but notice the ceiling fan being incorporated into new construction. To learn more about the reason for this please check out our "energy 101" link of this website.
With over 300 unique designs to choose from you're sure to find one that fits your taste and decor. Easy to install and maintain. Click here to browse our inventory.

Q&A: Which direction should the blades on my ceiling fan rotate?

My ceiling fan has a switch that reverses the direction the blades rotate. How do I know which direction to run the fan during warm- and cold-weather months?

During warm weather, you should run the fan so that the breeze blows downward. This wind-chill effect—the same cool breeze you feel when you roll down the window in a moving car—will cool you.

Many ceiling-fan manufacturers and various Web sites out there suggest that you run the ceiling fan so that it blows in the opposite direction—upward—when the weather is cold and the heat is on in your home. The idea is that the fan mixes the warm air collecting at the ceiling and moves it back down to the perimeter of room, creating a higher average room temperature and less need for heat. (All of the ceiling fans we recently tested have a switch that you flip to reverse the motion of the blade.)

But in our past tests, we found that the draft caused by the fan can have a chilling effect on people in a room—and lead to higher thermostat settings and more energy use. So we recommend that you not bother to reverse the motion of your fan—just leave it off during heating season. Note that there might be some situations where reverse operation would be be beneficial, such as in a room with a wood stove running or a very high vaulted ceiling.

If you’re looking to lower your energy bills during cooling season, use ceiling fans and turn off your air conditioning or turn up the temperature on your A/C a few degrees and let the fan go to work. Remember that ceiling fans cool you and not the space you’re in, so turn them off when you leave the room for an extended time so as to not waste electricity.

When shopping for a ceiling fan, you’ll find old-style models that conjure memories of Bogart and Bergman in Casablanca and versions that are modern twists on an invention that first appeared in the U.S. in the 1860s. In our latest report on ceiling fans, we found that while the pricier fans did have fancier finishes, they didn’t necessarily provide better performance. What’s more, most fans performed similarly in our air-movement tests.


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